High Yielding Dividend Stocks - What's Not to Love

Written by: Michael Carbone, CFP®

High-yielding stocks can be an attractive source of income for retirees; however, it’s important to discern, why the high yield? After all, a dividend-yield is just a ratio – dividends per share/ price of the stock. So, couldn’t a stock’s price (the denominator) be low, as opposed to the dividend (numerator) being high? Yes, and this is the case for many, but not all, high-yielding stock investments.

In fact, high yielding stocks are often considered riskier than not. In our view, a high dividend yield is usually a red flag - or at the very least, warrants further investigation. As an exercise, I suggest doing a screen for high-yielding dividend stocks, and then view the historical price performance of those companies, the results may surprise you.

When viewing investment opportunities, I suggest taking a total-return perspective (expected dividends received + expected capital appreciation). If a stock’s dividend yield is high, and you believe it still has solid growth prospects, then it may be a great buy.

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Michael Carbone, CFP®


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