Responsible Investing Spectrum

By: Michael Carbone, CFA, CFP®

Responsible investing is a broad term used to describe the different approaches used to incorporate environmental, social or governance (ESG) issues into an investment portfolio.

Although the general goal of responsible investment is known to many – there are different ways to implement ESG issues into an investment process. In order to better understand these approaches, I believe it’s helpful to consider the investor’s objective on a spectrum:


< Financially motivated
Impact motivated >


On one end of the spectrum, investors are primarily focused on investing their money, while generally being aware of how their investments are connected to certain ESG issues. They may choose to integrate these issues into their investment decision process.

The other end the spectrum consists of those seeking to make an impact first. These investors may be less concerned with investment returns – so long as their dollars are being used to generate positive outcomes for society or the environment.

As the investor moves along the spectrum, they may become more willing to accept uncertainty by reducing the diversification of their portfolio. The investor may exclude companies or sectors that don’t align with their values or invest thematically to address specific issues.

It’s important to understand that there are no right or wrong approaches to responsible investing – everyone’s situation is different. I believe that viewing responsible investing on a spectrum is a great opportunity to guide interested investors who feel overwhelmed by how to put their priorities into action.

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